Jennie Maydew is an artist and educator in Queens, New York. Applying traditional craft methods to achieve modern utility, she constructs wearable vessels that evoke the itinerancy of home. The portability of these vessels suggests a sentimentality for objects and a contrasting demand for practical function. Centered on the dichotomy between the precious and the ordinary, the work explores a curiosity about the objects we cherish and the objects so ubiquitous they become invisible. 

Jennie Maydew holds a BFA in Textiles and Art Education and was awarded the Windgate Fellowship in 2016 as an emerging craft artist. She is a current Art21 Educator, Artist-in-Residence with the Museum of Arts and Design, and Pre-K through adult art educator.

Jennie leads frequent textile events in the New York City area. View upcoming events to learn more.

Be in touch at jenmaydew[at]